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Dear Christians,

Remember that idea you have that the Devil can sneak into people’s hearts and cause sin and harm? Remember all the sermons about how the Devil disguises himself and gains an entry point into your life?

Well, it’s happened. It’s likely that you, your church and your fellow Christians are the people who have been seduced into the election of Donald Trump. This is the Devil sneaking into your heart by constantly turning your head towards inflammatory posts full of misinformation and lies… because it feels good. The Devil seduces you with your own fears and pride.

And the Devil is very tricky. Now that you know that the information you have been fed for a year has been coming from evil agents promoting a Russian agenda, you still hold fierce to the darkness – because of your fear of facing your own culpability. The Devil seduces you with your own cowardice.


Dear Republicans,

It matters that Russia interfered with our elections. This has nothing to do with which party won, it has to do with the fact the everybody lost.

The reason it matters is because Russia’s purpose was to prove that democracy doesn’t work and they did it through the ONLY means that it can be broken: corrupting the minds of the people themselves with misinformation.

Democracy relies on an intelligent and morally upright populace to elect representatives. When we turn around and elect someone who is mean, spiteful, uninformed and out of touch then we ruin ourselves. When we, ourselves, are mean, spiteful, unformed and out of touch then we ruin ourselves.

The real hack from the Russians was the erosion of our moral centers by lies and beligerance.

This is what we now need to overcome. Please look in your hearts and take a pause. Is this person you are today a reflection of who you really are? Take a pause and listen to our long-time news media sources… what it is they are actually reporting? You have the ability to tell a truth from a lie, exercise that. Listen to our artists and musicians who have been bringing us beauty and stories of moral courage for decades… what are they actually saying? They aren’t the enemy. They are our voice. Listen with your heart.

Who are you really?

Aren’t you the kindly neighbor? Aren’t you the caring parent and grandparent? Remember when you were full of community spirit? Remember when you felt an openness and appreciation for all kinds of people? It wasn’t that long ago that you saw the world through a different lense. Remember who you were before you started reading news from Facebook. Remember that time?

If you can start to remember, then you will realize how damaging Russian influence has been on our population. That, my friend, is why it really matters. That’s why it really really matters. We want you to come back to being the good, kindly, interesting and involved person you used to be. That is the only way to free ourselves of this influence. We need you.

Keep in mind that there has never been anything like us before. As American people we’ve been used to freedom for centuries. We will not take easily to a demagogue no matter how much confusion he sows. We are also a nation that is still FULL of the old hippy generation. We know how to do this thing… we’ve gotten a lot smarter over the years… we have new tools at our disposal… we have the most educated younger generation that’s ever lived… and we are confident and strong in our goodness of heart and ability to communicate. We are an unbeatable force for good.

We aren’t hearing about it, but every single day a person who voted for Trump is starting to feel uncomfortable with their choice. Some are looking at their families and wondering where this will go. Some are realizing that they missed all the fun of the 60’s and are starting to see the rising up of creativity that is surging from the energized left. Some are starting to listen to their daughter’s, sisters… and maybe even mothers!

Never lose heart for one second. Celebrate everyone who is doing something… do what you are comfortable with. Be prepared to win big. When we are done with this thing we will not take obstruction any longer. No longer will we think that slow progress on climate change is okay. No longer will we tolerate any sort of prejudice in these United States. No longer will we allow companies to spew carcinogens throughout our environment. We will demand good education for everyone… no matter what neighborhood they live in. We will demand good health care for everyone… and demand health care that is actually interested in health (not just responding to disease.) We will demand decent pay for our work, and will stand up for others to have the same. We live in the wealthiest nation on earth… let’s start acting like it.

We will not take it any more. There are more of us than ever before. We are smarter and more competent than ever before. We have huge resources at our fingers.

We shall overcome.

Some assessments after reading the report on Russian interference. Their main goal was to spread so much misinformation about Hillary Clinton that, if she won, she would not be able to govern. The over-riding goal was to prove that democracy, especially as demonstrated by the U.S., does not work… and to hurt Hillary personally.

One of their videos “How 100% of the Clintons’ ‘Charity’ Went to…Themselves,” had more than 9 million views on social media platforms. The most popular video about the President-elect, called “Trump Will Not Be Permitted To Win,” had 2.2 million views. There were many others that were equally popular.

This is where our friends and neighbors got their information during the election.

Most important to know is that this is not the end of it. Russia has not decided to stop now. They are celebrating the success of their propaganda. It’s not in the report, but it is my opinion, that they must be laughing their heads off about how gullible we were.

Let’s un-gullible ourselves!

Here’s a copy of the report for those willing to read for themselves.

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