Making it better

Dear Republicans,

You don’t need to be afraid of an environmentally sustainable future. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you have allowed your leadership to convince you otherwise. Or, for that matter, why your leadership hasn’t figured it out. Everything about a sustainable future follows the same principles and wisdom of the past “Grand ‘ol Party” and the ideals of capitalism.

As has been proven in this last election, unchecked bullying has it’s own rewards. A person or business that is “winning” because they aren’t being held accountable is only winning for themselves, not for the rest of us.

If businesses, banks and Wall Street are allowed to grow simply from their own wealth, unchecked by any ideals of decency and cleanliness then they are going to make a mess. Only the best few are going to self regulate.

This is exactly why we believe in democracy even though it is messy and slow and often uncomfortable.

There are no other solutions. The most efficient governing system is the enlightened dictator. When a country is being led by a kind, brilliant and morally grounded dictator then things go amazingly well. This one fabulous person takes care of all the problems, responds to needs as they arise, and inspires the populous. The only problem with it is that it hardly ever happens. And if it does happen the enlightened dictator’s son turns out to be a dick.

Same thing happens with businesses. Sometimes a business will be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, and then his children will take it to the gutter. These days, a business may be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, only to be turned over to a profit-only driven board of directors when it is take public – boom! Gutter.

Either way, we decided a couple of centuries ago that democracy was a much safer bet. The thing that makes the United State’s democracy work is that it is a system of checks and balances that can, hopefully, weather storms of extremism in our population.

Yes, my dear fellow Republicans, the United States Government works because it is a highly REGULATED system. Read it and weep.


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