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I keep hearing that we need to understand the Trump voter. That somehow they have some mysterious fear and anxiety that we aren’t understanding. That if we look closer, and really listen, we will find some sort of solution to today’s division. But I can’t seem to go there. I can’t seem to find anything that makes any sense. I can’t get my brain around it. Braincells are literally dying in my head as I try.

Or couldn’t until I suddenly got it.

A Trump supporter isn’t in an angst, or a fear, or any sort of thing that can be understood. It has to be experienced. It has to be experienced fully. You have to go down the rabbit hole and hit the insanity head-on.

My breakthrough came from a post on where the writer goes full-out ballistic on Donald Trump. When I got to the sentence where he says, “Because Donald is, yes, nothing but an enormous poop.” I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Then I read it out loud to my husband and when I hit the word, “poop” I found myself slipped irretrievably into the depths of the rabbit hole. I was in and I’m not coming out!

I think we can laugh our way out of this one. Sanity will not work.

You can’t argue with a four-year-old bully. It simply can’t be done. All you can do is say back, “You’re a poop face!” And if enough people get together behind you and shout “You’re a poop face,” then you at least have a standoff.

The Trump supporter is living in a world that they simply can’t understand. Yes, they are frustrated because they literally refuse to educate and improve themeslves. The secret of Donald Trump is that he allowed them to slip into their four year old selves and start yelling insults. “Lock her up.” “Trump the bitch.” The joy and camaraderie that comes with doing that in a big group is impossible to beat. No amount of shaming and arguing is going to get them out of it.

We have an excellent example in the presidency of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy who did the same thing… and won THREE TERMS! Liberals were absolutely powerless against him as he ran vicious campaign after vicious campaign.

Let’s learn our lesson and jump down our own rabbit hole – one we can love, learn and prosper in. Let’s do it in a way that is so funny, so obvious, and so ridiculous that we literally can’t stand ourselves. It’s easy. Start tweeting out, “Trump is a poop face!” Let your four-year-old self free. Say, “Poop!” shout it out loud. See what happens. Election angst will melt away. People will want to join you.

It’s like the Harry Potter Boggart-bashing spell. Instead of shouting “Reddikkulus” shout “Poop!” Wave your wand at the ridiculousness of what’s happened and shout, “Poop!” Trump is a poop face. Let’s all tweet that Trump is a poop face and see what happens. You know full well he won’t be able to stand it. You know it will be fun…

The very worse that can happen is that you’ll understand the Trump supporter. You’ll feel the joy of speaking the truth, of not being politically correct. You’ll feel the camaraderie of fellow poopers. You may even relieve a bit of constipation. You’ll laugh. You’ll start singing again. Maybe if enough of us do it we can even poop the child out of the White House.

Join me in the rabbit hole… it’s warm and cozy in here. Poop!

Dear Republicans,

You don’t need to be afraid of an environmentally sustainable future. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you have allowed your leadership to convince you otherwise. Or, for that matter, why your leadership hasn’t figured it out. Everything about a sustainable future follows the same principles and wisdom of the past “Grand ‘ol Party” and the ideals of capitalism.

As has been proven in this last election, unchecked bullying has it’s own rewards. A person or business that is “winning” because they aren’t being held accountable is only winning for themselves, not for the rest of us.

If businesses, banks and Wall Street are allowed to grow simply from their own wealth, unchecked by any ideals of decency and cleanliness then they are going to make a mess. Only the best few are going to self regulate.

This is exactly why we believe in democracy even though it is messy and slow and often uncomfortable.

There are no other solutions. The most efficient governing system is the enlightened dictator. When a country is being led by a kind, brilliant and morally grounded dictator then things go amazingly well. This one fabulous person takes care of all the problems, responds to needs as they arise, and inspires the populous. The only problem with it is that it hardly ever happens. And if it does happen the enlightened dictator’s son turns out to be a dick.

Same thing happens with businesses. Sometimes a business will be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, and then his children will take it to the gutter. These days, a business may be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, only to be turned over to a profit-only driven board of directors when it is take public – boom! Gutter.

Either way, we decided a couple of centuries ago that democracy was a much safer bet. The thing that makes the United State’s democracy work is that it is a system of checks and balances that can, hopefully, weather storms of extremism in our population.

Yes, my dear fellow Republicans, the United States Government works because it is a highly REGULATED system. Read it and weep.


I had me a good talkin’ to by a black gal yesterday. A nurse in one of my many doctor’s offices.

I told her how I was feeling after the election. She understood perfectly. It had been her daughter’s first time to participate in an election. Sounds like they are a very engaged family, and this is something the daughter has been looking forward to, and growing towards, for many years. The viciousness of the year was scathing to this child. And then on election night she was left sobbing uncontrollably, shaking.

Here was this beautiful black child, raised by professional parents, probably just assuming that she was an American like everyone else. Maybe she thought elections were about issues. Maybe she thought there was a high moral road. She probably thought that a girl was as good as everyone else.  Probably she thinks that women and girls are more than their hotness rating and shouldn’t be groped and talked about like a slab of meat. She lives in Houston and goes to school with Hispanics and Muslims and friends of every race and creed. Like many of us she was just assuming that the viciousness was only temporary and the adults would get it right.

She was left sobbing and shaking in her mother’s arms.

This was her first election experience. Others of us are wounded and crushed from fighting the anti-progress machine for 40 years. But this was her first. I threw up my hands and said, “I give up.”

Oh man! That nurse’s pointer finger came up and swung slowly right and left – directly at me! Her eyes were twinkling, but she had just grown 3 inches and I was paying attention! “Uuuuuuuuhh uuuuhhhhh!” She said. “You won’t give up because of MY daughter.”

Put yourself right there in that room with me and I swear to God you will never waver for one second from now on out. Every one of us deserved a safe, clean and healthy world in which to live and love. We didn’t really get it. That’s what we have to pass on.

Let’s go!

Hello folks, let’s take it down a notch… like WAAAAAY down.

We need to stop for a second and realize that a four year old has been elected President. He won by holding huge rallies where people shouted, “Lock ‘er up!” about his opponent… over emails. Over emails for God sake!

Trump supporters wore shirts and actually drove around in vehicles, in my town, with the slogan, “Trump the bitch.”

I responded to all this in a typical liberal way by trying to explain how that was sexist. By trying to show how it hurt my feelings. By trying to explain how misogyny works, and that all people deserve respect. By bringing up important issues like global warming. They responded back with fake news articles about Hillary Clinton making business deals with Arabs… clearly the work of an evil mad-woman.

I give up. I’m saying, “Poop!”

Face it. We can’t fight this level of viciousness and ignorance with logical arguments. And it’s eating us alive. Be honest… liberals just don’t have the stamina to carry this load of loathing. We keep running away and turning on beautiful music and trying to meditate. We try to take soothing walks, and share pictures of puppies. It doesn’t work.

So let’s go in. Let’s go all the way in. Laughter is the only medicine in times like these. Shout, “Poop!” It will make you feel better. Go back to your four-year-old self and take a stance. Let’s start a movement where everyone is tweeting “Trump is a Poop face!” Try it… open up your Twitter account and tweet that out. You’ll immediately feel better. You may even snort a little laugh.

Share it with your loved ones. Text poop back and forth a couple of times and watch the energy completely change.

If you need some inspiration for your poop mouthing read this article (it’s the one that got me going):

These are four year old times and they DEMAND a four-year-old response! It’ll cure your election angst.

Imagine if we all take our safety pins and add a little piece of toilet paper. Then when you meet people in the street you can say, “Poop!” that will be fun. There will be great snorting in the streets. Imagine if we have signs and billboards and they say, “Trump is a poop face.” We’ll be laughing our heads off. He’ll be the first president literally laughed out of office. Conservatives can hold up against any kind of argument because they just, really, don’t give a shit. So turn on the poop.

Donald Trump is the thinnest skinned person ever to be elected president. He anguishes over Twitter. Let’s sweep out a hurricane of poops. Let’s tweet poops, and text poops, and even write some songs about poops. Any time you are feeling anxious, just share the poop. Get laughter back in America again!

An interesting math problem – and the Two Party Political System.

I heard an interesting broadcast yesterday that made me take pause on the way we hold political discussions. It was a simple math problem.

A lot of people are calling for the end of the two-party system. But, basically, if we have a three party system that that means the vote can be split three ways – and what can happen is that a radical minority can elect a president with only one third of the vote. If we had five parties, then a very small 20% radical group could elect a president.

The hope of the two party system is that both candidates will have to at least “lean” towards the middle.

We tend to think that a third party will give us more of a say. But just think about it. For instance: imagine that the Republican party broke into two factions – one kindof middle, and one far right. And the Democrats did the same. We would then have four parties and the very radical factions could win with 25% of the popular vote.

So the really interesting part about this is that we don’t really hear that kind of simple reasoning when we call for the end of the two party system. Usually when we talk about a new party it centers around how “I want another choice.” But this simple math can turn the discussion from “me and what I want” to a broader discussion about what is best for all of us.

It also really brings to mind the fact that there are people out there who have really studied politics, and understand how things work way more than us every-day people. And that maybe we would do the discussion some good by studying the issues we argue about.

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