Making it better


  1. The first reason is the most important: Being afraid of negativity is a viscous cycle that’s going to ruin you and the people around you. The minute you are “against” negativity you have allowed yourself to become negative about negativity. It’s simply madness. Every time you perceive something as negative you will have to lash out at the people around you… it’s going to piss everyone off, you will be isolated, and you’ll probably never see your own hypocrisy. Because people never see their OWN hypocrisy.
  2. Negativity has to exist. Without it you can’t have positivity. And even if there is some perfect future society that will eventually be created where we can all be happy… we aren’t there yet. So in today’s world you have to deal with it. Ignoring bad things does not make them go away, it just enables them to flourish.
  3. If you choose to avoid negativity (or pretend that you can) then you are basically retreating to your own little, insulated, happy world and leaving the rest of us to deal with the necessity of fixing our extremely broken world. You choosing not to respond to the craziness that has engulfed our society is giving more power to the crazies. Your silence is their victory.
  4. And finally… something directly about you: Life’s tensions make us strong (both individually and collectively). Every time a person engages honestly with the world, takes up the battle and strives for peace and justice, they become stronger. It doesn’t have to be a perfect post, or cleverest protest sign, or most Buddha-like stature… even crazy stuff like throwing a fit, being sarcastic, crying, taking a knee when you are black… even if you do it wrong, you still gain soul strength. It’s learning. It’s growth. It’s becoming a spiritual warrior.
  5. Actually there is a fifth reason too… we need you. Please don’t abandon everyone else because you are afraid of negativity.

Dear Christians,

Remember that idea you have that the Devil can sneak into people’s hearts and cause sin and harm? Remember all the sermons about how the Devil disguises himself and gains an entry point into your life?

Well, it’s happened. It’s likely that you, your church and your fellow Christians are the people who have been seduced into the election of Donald Trump. This is the Devil sneaking into your heart by constantly turning your head towards inflammatory posts full of misinformation and lies… because it feels good. The Devil seduces you with your own fears and pride.

And the Devil is very tricky. Now that you know that the information you have been fed for a year has been coming from evil agents promoting a Russian agenda, you still hold fierce to the darkness – because of your fear of facing your own culpability. The Devil seduces you with your own cowardice.


Letter to Editor
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