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Many of the ideas and ideals in our constitution and rule of law are there because the founders of our country were intimately acquainted with the results of an unfair society. One of our most important ideals is “Innocent until proven guilty.”

The reason for this is subtle, so it’s important to go deeply into it and really understand how it works.

Here’s the crux of the matter: It is impossible to prove innocence.

Guilt is not a lot easier. As we know from watching movies, and maybe even reading mystery novels, it can be quite complicated to prove guilt. Especially if a person is really good at hiding their tracks. But we as a nation have decided that it is much more heinous to falsely imprison an innocent person than it is to let a few bad guys go. So: Innocent until proven guilty.

We are based on the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The thought of whizzing in on someone who is just living their life, accusing them of a crime and locking them up, when they are innocent, is abhorrent to us.

Like many freedoms, the idea of Innocent Until Proven Guilty takes constant vigilance. That’s because it is human nature to jump to conclusions based on little facts.

I remember when my children were young and I was trying to teach them that they can trust friends, but they need to be wary of strangers. I really did explain it the best I could, but the next day we were driving down Main Street and there was a man with a big limp and a cane. He was also overweight and dressed shabbily.

“Look!” Shouted the kids – “there’s a stranger!”

You and I both know they totally missed the point of what I had been trying to teach them. They took my words, put them together into what made sense to them, and then jumped to a conclusion that was not my point at all. And you can imagine me trying to explain myself out of that one… because yes… that guy was a stranger. But so was the really nice woman over on the other side of the street. This was a case where I was trying to teach “Stranger until proven innocent…” and even that was tricky.

In an unexamined society everyone will quickly follow the path my children took. Some crime happens in the neighborhood and everyone will jump to blame the weird looking guy with a limp and bad clothes. There are cases where a good alibi would get him off, but other than that the mob could quickly descend on the poor fellow and hang him.

Hillary Clinton is a perfect example. She is the weird guy with a limp. Years ago people started picking on her with every conceivable allegation, and she has been cleared of each one (often against very hostile judges.) She’s never been proven guilty of a single thing, and yet our society holds on to every rumor and small fact as truth.

She’s never been proven guilty. But it is literally impossible for her to prove herself innocent.

Another good example is O.J. Simpson’s trial. In that trial he was declared not guilty of killing his wife. I have to say that I, personally, think there is a good likelihood that he did it. But I wasn’t there when the crime was committed, and I also wasn’t on the jury who examined the full case. All I know is what I heard on the media. That’s my only evidence against him, and I know it is incomplete. So, as an honest and decent citizen, I am required to follow the verdict of “Not guilty.”

As it turns out, O.J. ended up in jail anyway. It was from another crime… but I can judge that it follows a pattern. I also believe that people get a certain karma for their misdeeds, and that dishonest person often gets caught in the end. But we have to still consider him innocent of the first charge. That’s our rule of law.

We need to stop holding Hillary Clinton hostage to accusations that have never been proven. We need to look at the actual facts as we know them. It’s easy to get online and watch her speeches. Does she really look all that evil? Does anything she say make sense? Does she have a consistency that we can follow? And most important – where does she get all those pant suits (snicker.) But really, come on. In our most honored ethics she is innocent. Let’s all treat her that way.

Now on to Donald Trump (you knew I was going there… right?)

Right now Trump is being accused of all sorts of things from bad business deals to collusion with the Russians. We have to, with all our integrity, hold him innocent of anything that has not been proven against him.

We can, however, judge him for things we have actually seen. And this is what has me pulling out my hair every day (okay, well I don’t have any hair right now, but you get the picture.)

We have all seen the constant look of straight-out meanness that constantly adorns his face. We’ve heard the sneers and sidelines that come from his mouth. We’ve heard him mock a disabled person (no, it wasn’t taken out of context, what the hell would be the context of that!) We’ve heard him call for a Muslim registry, we’ve heard him call Mexicans rapists and murders. We’ve heard him call for second amendment people to take care of Clinton… and then quickly add a few more words at the end of the sentence to make it seem like he didn’t really say that.

These are things we have seen him do with our own eyes. This, people, should be enough for us to make a judgment of his character. Perhaps he was only a willing dupe with the Russians. We have to hold him innocent of that. But we do have enough empirical evidence to judge his character… and in that line he is (and has been all along) guilty as charged.

I’ve seen nothing but intelligence and thoughtfulness from Hillary Clinton. I also know that many upstanding people whom I trust have backed her and supported her: Bernie Sanders, President Obama, Joe Biden, to name a few. There is no evidence to suggest that she is not what she seems, when we really look at her. Hillary Clinton is innocent.

Donald Trump is probably not guilty of everything, but he is guilty of being a thin skinned bully.

These are things that we know.

I want to talk about my dad. He passed away this year – actually he made his transition as I was sitting on a chemo drip a thousand miles away, so I couldn’t be there. He was a victim of old age. I’m a victim of our chemical swamp of a polluted world (no… my cancer isn’t hereditary and please stop asking that, like it’s some sort of explanation).

My father was a very good man. A staunch conservative and lifelong Republican. Though I have fought conservatives my whole life, and blame them for the fact that our world is not clean and safe from the industrial soup of big business, I have always put two things together in my mind: Good person + Republican.

When my dad was a young man in Chattanooga Tennessee he was a “Young Republican.” Back in those days the party was progressive and a proponent of human rights. I can’t even say how many stories I’ve heard about gracious and kind things my dad was involved in. My dad ran a foundry in Chattanooga and many of his employees were black. One guy in particular was literally the best employee my dad had. The most responsible, smartest and hardest working. Dad wanted to promote him to manager but that was actually against the law! So dad invented some position with a silly “not manager” title and paid the guy his equal due. That’s what I remember as the Good Ol’ Party.

When I was in second grade we moved to Denver Colorado. One of the best stories of the Young Republicans from that time was when they all got together and bought a window for the weatherman… who would always report stuff like a sunny day when it was raining cats and dogs outside! He clearly needed a window and the Young Republicans stepped up to the task. That was not only a good thing to do, but it was funny and a great story to tell around town. That was the fun, kind, honest and true Republican party that I remember.

My parents taught me that goodness is an action. A good person would never just sit there and watch a bully hurt someone. I would actually stop fights in my elementary school when I came upon a circle of boys harassing a little kid. I got away with it cause I’m kind of mean, and I’m a girl. A good tongue lashing could make quite a dent in an angry crowd of peers.

I was taught to speak up against tyrants, and to be able to tell the truth from a lie. My parents were from the World War II generation and a constant topic in our house was about the forces that caused Hitler to come to power. We were taught that he didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey! Let’s start killing Jews.” Instead it was a slow, insidious, downward slide of truth and morals that made the horrors of that war a “norm” for people who would have otherwise been good human beings. I learned that leadership itself is the thing that “leads” populations into hope or despair, into kindness or cruelty. I was taught the tactics of Mussolini and Stalin, and how hard it is to overcome that kind of leadership.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of colossal arguments with my dad. I’ll admit, and admitted at the time, that he often won those arguments. I’ve been (and still kind of am) a “Get rid of all money” sort of person. But he would argue, “So then, how do we come together to do something big like build a bridge?” My rebuttals of “We would just do it because we are so full of love…” did not make it very far against his actual experience in building bridges. He made me think, and think hard. Because of him I know that changing the world is a big task, and it will require a tremendous amount of attention to details, changing of hearts and habits, and a willingness to experiment and grow with the changes. He was a constant challenge to my thinking. In other words, he taught me that when two good people have a disagreement that this is the way learning happens.

The bottom line… the total and complete bottom line, is good people. We aren’t perfect, but as citizens we at least try to be good. And we demand an even higher level of goodness in our leaders.

So this is my main shock today. What happened? I feel that our nation has been totally abandoned by the Republican party. They are not just a bunch of innocents here. In my mind that goes for the voters and the leadership alike. This is so clearly that long insidious slip of truth and goodness that gripped Germany and lead to atrocities we don’t want to think about.

And liberals too… don’t think we are off the hook. We also fell for the insidious barrage of negativity in 2016. So many of us believed it! What happened to us? Why are we just speaking up now?

Believe me, I know I’m guilty of that as well. Heck, I was sick (sort of a good excuse.) But mostly I was afraid for my business. I live in a small town in Idaho and I know that even admitting in public that I am a “Liberal” is enough to have me ridiculed and blacklisted. The posts I’m making to my Facebook page these days are clear financial suicide for me. That was my excuse… besides being much more of a chicken than I was in third grade. Yep, me.

Even I fell for the long downward slope of the Good Ol’ Party, as I watched them get meaner and meaner and either laughed and brushed it off, or just stayed quiet. I never could believe that the people around me were not good. I couldn’t believe that they were actually as mean as the mean things they were saying. I’m as big a part of it as anyone else.

I think the final thing my Dad taught me is that something can be done about this. We have history to teach us. We have a common spiritually that teaches goodness and kindness. It’s possible for both sides of the aisle to at least have a moral ground.  Good people need to stand up and speak, and hold firm. It’s gotten this bad and we can see it. At this point if we let it get any worse than it’s totally on us.

Just realized that it is hopeless. For a year I have been waiting for the Republican party to stand up and do what is right, to stick up for their stated values, to stand firm with their own moral code. To at least stand for their Christian values of kindness and charity. Donald Trump is not a Republican, he’s a mean and heartless man, and I’ve never been able to believe that they could not stand firm.

It’s now hopeless. Without the Republican party standing up for unity, truth, justice and statesmanship we are left in the grip of a population whipped into a rage.

Alexander Hamilton forgot one major thing when he created the Electoral College. He didn’t realize what it is like to be trapped inside a population that is whipped into a state of “cabal, intrigue, and corruption” enough to elect a demagogue as president. He didn’t realize that lies would be rampant, that people would believe anything that their demagogue told them, he had no idea about Twitter!

He didn’t realize that the party, that had also be hijacked by the demagogue, would cave in the quest for power. Powerful people would support him in the quest of their own power. Money would follow him. It would be a black hole.

The thing is that Trump supporters will do and believe anything he tells them… and he can tell them in seconds through his Twitter account. He won this election through the smallest margins possible, and brags that it is the biggest victory in history… they believe him. If the press brings in some fact checking they shout that the press is corrupted and liars. It’s a completed trap.

So if something should happen that makes it so Trump is not inaugurated on January 20th there will be a huge riot. They will be mad, and they have guns! They will target the weakest amongst us and it will be very, very ugly. If Trump does not stand down, and it’s unlikely that he will, he will whip his supporters into the worse bloodbath we’ve ever seen in our country.

I’m afraid.

On the other hand, if Trump is inaugurated we will face a disaster to our values, our freedoms, and our planet’s future. It’s also morally wrong not to stand up against repression, ugliness, and prejudice just because we are afraid.

We are hopelessly in the grips of this heartless and cruel man.

Strangely enough, this realization is a relief. I can stop reaching for hope. It’s very much like receiving a diagnosis of cancer. It means that I have to stop fearing for the future and determine to face each day with strength, grace and intelligence. I need to plan for things to not go well, and yet stay engaged with my community. I need to constantly work to find ways to express myself that will create good outcomes.

This is a fatal flaw in the structure of the Electoral College. We need to give every person in our population an equal vote. The people did get it right this time to the tune of 2.6 million votes ahead for Hillary Clinton. We can’t let the frustrations of middle America rule our country any longer. But this time… our only hope is to start moving in a direction that calms the fears and anger. Do our best to preserve individual freedoms and rule of law. Let the flames die down.


I keep hearing that we need to understand the Trump voter. That somehow they have some mysterious fear and anxiety that we aren’t understanding. That if we look closer, and really listen, we will find some sort of solution to today’s division. But I can’t seem to go there. I can’t seem to find anything that makes any sense. I can’t get my brain around it. Braincells are literally dying in my head as I try.

Or couldn’t until I suddenly got it.

A Trump supporter isn’t in an angst, or a fear, or any sort of thing that can be understood. It has to be experienced. It has to be experienced fully. You have to go down the rabbit hole and hit the insanity head-on.

My breakthrough came from a post on dailykos.com where the writer goes full-out ballistic on Donald Trump. When I got to the sentence where he says, “Because Donald is, yes, nothing but an enormous poop.” I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Then I read it out loud to my husband and when I hit the word, “poop” I found myself slipped irretrievably into the depths of the rabbit hole. I was in and I’m not coming out!

I think we can laugh our way out of this one. Sanity will not work.

You can’t argue with a four-year-old bully. It simply can’t be done. All you can do is say back, “You’re a poop face!” And if enough people get together behind you and shout “You’re a poop face,” then you at least have a standoff.

The Trump supporter is living in a world that they simply can’t understand. Yes, they are frustrated because they literally refuse to educate and improve themeslves. The secret of Donald Trump is that he allowed them to slip into their four year old selves and start yelling insults. “Lock her up.” “Trump the bitch.” The joy and camaraderie that comes with doing that in a big group is impossible to beat. No amount of shaming and arguing is going to get them out of it.

We have an excellent example in the presidency of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy who did the same thing… and won THREE TERMS! Liberals were absolutely powerless against him as he ran vicious campaign after vicious campaign.

Let’s learn our lesson and jump down our own rabbit hole – one we can love, learn and prosper in. Let’s do it in a way that is so funny, so obvious, and so ridiculous that we literally can’t stand ourselves. It’s easy. Start tweeting out, “Trump is a poop face!” Let your four-year-old self free. Say, “Poop!” shout it out loud. See what happens. Election angst will melt away. People will want to join you.

It’s like the Harry Potter Boggart-bashing spell. Instead of shouting “Reddikkulus” shout “Poop!” Wave your wand at the ridiculousness of what’s happened and shout, “Poop!” Trump is a poop face. Let’s all tweet that Trump is a poop face and see what happens. You know full well he won’t be able to stand it. You know it will be fun…

The very worse that can happen is that you’ll understand the Trump supporter. You’ll feel the joy of speaking the truth, of not being politically correct. You’ll feel the camaraderie of fellow poopers. You may even relieve a bit of constipation. You’ll laugh. You’ll start singing again. Maybe if enough of us do it we can even poop the child out of the White House.

Join me in the rabbit hole… it’s warm and cozy in here. Poop!

Dear Republicans,

You don’t need to be afraid of an environmentally sustainable future. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you have allowed your leadership to convince you otherwise. Or, for that matter, why your leadership hasn’t figured it out. Everything about a sustainable future follows the same principles and wisdom of the past “Grand ‘ol Party” and the ideals of capitalism.

As has been proven in this last election, unchecked bullying has it’s own rewards. A person or business that is “winning” because they aren’t being held accountable is only winning for themselves, not for the rest of us.

If businesses, banks and Wall Street are allowed to grow simply from their own wealth, unchecked by any ideals of decency and cleanliness then they are going to make a mess. Only the best few are going to self regulate.

This is exactly why we believe in democracy even though it is messy and slow and often uncomfortable.

There are no other solutions. The most efficient governing system is the enlightened dictator. When a country is being led by a kind, brilliant and morally grounded dictator then things go amazingly well. This one fabulous person takes care of all the problems, responds to needs as they arise, and inspires the populous. The only problem with it is that it hardly ever happens. And if it does happen the enlightened dictator’s son turns out to be a dick.

Same thing happens with businesses. Sometimes a business will be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, and then his children will take it to the gutter. These days, a business may be started by a brilliant and innovative fellow, only to be turned over to a profit-only driven board of directors when it is take public – boom! Gutter.

Either way, we decided a couple of centuries ago that democracy was a much safer bet. The thing that makes the United State’s democracy work is that it is a system of checks and balances that can, hopefully, weather storms of extremism in our population.

Yes, my dear fellow Republicans, the United States Government works because it is a highly REGULATED system. Read it and weep.


Today I’m sitting in the chemo line. It’s amazing how different the faces are here than in the radiation line.

In the radiation line people pretty much know the percentage of their cancer that is gone, and they are giving it one last shot. Everyone has little hair-doos growing back, and we very rarely throw up. We can chat and discuss our breast scars. We can practice stretching our arms, and discuss lymphedema management. People ring the bell and bring cookies on their last day. It’s always someone’s last day.

In the radiation line our name gets called, and we walk into a little machine where we lay silently and don’t move while a machine buzzes for just a second. The burning grows with each treatment, but you also get to tick off another day until ringing the bell and cookies.

In the chemo line the faces are haunted. It’s the really super-skinny people in wheelchairs that are the most invisible. No one talks much, and any joking is done with hung heads. Many are wearing face masks and don’t look you in the eye. You don’t want to look them in the eye anyway. There is a look in those eyes that no one wants to see.

When your name gets called you get hooked up to a machine that drips poison into your veins. It has a lot of water in it too and makes you pee. They stick a big needle into your port which was surgically implanted into your jugular vein. When it’s done you can pull your little hat over your bald head and silently return home. It’ll be a day or so until you are really sick. You count the hours between when you are supposed to take which medicine for each side effect.

No matter how conservative or liberal, everyone with cancer wants to know what gave it to them. The doctors are absolutely useless. They will talk about dividing cells, and the cellular environment that lays the bed for uncontrolled grown, and statistics. But the people in line, every single one, will agree that it’s environmental pollutants that got us. No matter how conservative a person is, they will admit it. It was something invisible, everywhere and out of our control that slithered inside our bodies and caused a little monster to start growing of its own accord.

Maybe we’re wrong. But what if we’re right? And either way, why do we keep allowing polution against our own, and our children’s, best interests?

We’ve spent our lives hearing about this chemical and that chemical that is a carcinogen. But then we have cancer and get told that nobody knows and that it’s just some random mix-up. Is there one truth for before you get cancer, and another truth for after you get cancer? Couldn’t we simply clean up our world… just in case?

You lost! Get over it! Have you heard that one yet? Of course, this is in reference to the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election and liberals are going fuck-ass nuts. I’ve heard it a number of times. I’m in Texas.

The scary thing about this is that it is the nice Trump supporters who are saying this. It’s the ones who can actually hear the pain and agony that is going on around them, and they are having a gut reaction to it.

It’s like you are drowning a puppy, and as it’s wiggling and squirming you’re swearing, “Come on, hold still.” Just get it over fast.

(For liberals who don’t understand that analogy please know that drowning puppies is a regular practice in rural America. You didn’t get your dog spayed, and then it goes and has 12 puppies. More than likely you don’t drown all 12, but good farm practice dictates that you weed out at least 6 to 8 of them. Don’t freak out… it’s not the point of this article. It’s just a sick analogy that fits.)

So yes. This is the nice-hearted right-winger. They want us to stop wiggling. They are very sweet in everyday life and will feed you cookies until you pop. They can’t really understand what’s going on, and why we are wiggling around and crying the way we are. They literally don’t see that they are killing our children with their refusal to understand simple economic, political and environmental science. But they hear the pain, they really want us to be quiet and eat another cookie. So when you hear that, don’t get too upset. They really do care. They just don’t understand what it’s all about.

The rest don’t care at all. And some actually take glee in watching the liberal elite melt into a pool of anguish. That makes the win all that more exciting.

Of course there are a few on the right who are straight-out mean-hearted. But that’s a very small minority. Most are just fervent. It’s vital for well-thinking liberals to understand that fundamentalism is apocalyptic. They are working on ushering in the end of the world. That really nice neighbor of yours, with the big caring eyes? She drops off her plate of cookies, and then heads home and falls on her knees to pray for your soul because she knows that you will be heading to Hell here pretty darn quick. It’s her Christian duty to at least do her best for you.

Don’t think I’m making this up. (I’m not making up the puppy thing either.)

Fundamentalist Christianity has more in common with ISIS than the your nice Muslim neighbor who keeps his yard tidy and clean. ISIS is fundamental Islam and fundamental Christianity is fundamental Christianity.  Both belief systems are rigid and apocalyptic. If you look at actual statistics of mass shootings in the U.S. you’ll find that the majority of them are committed by Christian fundamentalists – that’s simply because we have a vast majority of Christians available to go nuts. No other reason. If you add them up with a more comprehensive math, you’ll find that mass shootings are mostly committed by fundamentalists (regardless of religion) with a smattering few that are straight-out nut jobs.

An apocalyptic world view is a very stressful thing to hold on to for a full lifetime. It’s kind of okay if things are going well. But if a person comes under stress it quickly becomes too much. Every news cast, every meeting of the Bible club, every conversation over coffee reveals more end-time signs. When you have an apocalyptic fundamentalist view you listen to the news and hear that unemployment is at an all time low of 4.9 percent it sounds like an end-time prophecy. New type of airplane invented? End time for sure… You may hear about bombings in Aleppo… definitely end-time signs. Anything that happens in Israel is end-time-sign times two. You might hear about that nice little girl down the street who went and got herself pregnant… a sure sign of the moral corruption of end times.

It’s stressful. You keep expecting it, and expecting it and nothing really happens. Especially since Democrats keep managing to get elected and even things out. So the only thing a decent person can do is help usher it in. For God’s sake! Quit wiggling!

When fundamentalism is not under stress it will be balanced out by the actual teachings of it’s home religion. This holds true for eastern and western religions as well. Christianity at its heart teaches kindness, neighborliness, forgiveness and love. We have marvelous basic tenets such as: Love your neighbor as yourself, turn the other cheek, blessed are the meek in spirit, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When I closely examine my deepest angst over the election of Donald Trump it’s not Trump that I most fear. Actually it really is Trump I fear… but it’s the fact that my neighbors and my country have completely let me down that keeps me wiggling and crying. My head is stuck on, “How could you do this to us? Do you have no sense of decency?” A cry to the Republican party. The people in my country have let me down on the basic tenets of decent morality that I thought we agreed on. I thought we agreed that outright bullying was bad. I thought we agreed that kindness and civility to minorities was a common value. I thought we agreed that sexual predators were not to be rewarded. I thought we agreed that civil discourse of issues was the way we did things and that it was safe and even healthy to argue about facts.

The moral high ground of the Christian right has completely let us down. Not only did they chew me up and spit me out, but they ran the bus over the few righteous politicians they had left, and then backed up the bus and thunked ’em again.

The Republican primary was completely blindsided by Trump. It was so vicious, so unexpected, and so anti-Christian that the massive stage of politicians just sputtered and fell. There were numerous times where the Republican party could have stepped in and done the right thing, could have called an end to the whip-lash, but chose to do nothing.

Liberals were not afraid enough. We got over that now – we’re terrified. We kept being told we were winning, and could not in our wildest dreams have believed what was coming down. Both sides were like zombies in a dream. Sleepwalking over the edge.

I think both sides relied on our common belief that goodness always wins. Liberals thought the universe would let us win this one. Republicans expected us to save them from themselves.

I think republicans are really quite as shocked as we are and don’t know how to wrap their heads around it. I think they secretly expected to lose, so they happily drove themselves to the polls and cast their safe vote for “Their Side”. They are quite anxious for the end times to come just to relieve the stress of waiting for it… and afraid of their own visions at the same time. It works out best for them when we periodically save them from their own madness. They blame us when they lose, get riled up a bit, and then go bake some cookies.

But we lost. It was a shock to everyone. Now, they really want us to stop wiggling and just drown. Get over it! You lost! Move on!

God help us all.

Trumpsplaning is when a Trump supporter tries to reassure you by explaining that Trump surely won’t do the things he said he would do. I’ll explain this clearly in three simple bullet points to make sure it is easily understood.

  1. They voted for Trump because they thought he wouldn’t do the things he said he would do.
  2. They voted for Trump because they believed he wouldn’t do all those things he said he would do.
  3. They voted for Trump because surely he didn’t mean all those things he said.

That’s just about as simple as I can ‘splane it to you… and these are the nice Trumpsters. They are feeling a little twinge of remorse over how upset you are. The other ones don’t give a shit. They are still wearing their, “String her up” T-shirts.

Trump is a poop head.

I had me a good talkin’ to by a black gal yesterday. A nurse in one of my many doctor’s offices.

I told her how I was feeling after the election. She understood perfectly. It had been her daughter’s first time to participate in an election. Sounds like they are a very engaged family, and this is something the daughter has been looking forward to, and growing towards, for many years. The viciousness of the year was scathing to this child. And then on election night she was left sobbing uncontrollably, shaking.

Here was this beautiful black child, raised by professional parents, probably just assuming that she was an American like everyone else. Maybe she thought elections were about issues. Maybe she thought there was a high moral road. She probably thought that a girl was as good as everyone else.  Probably she thinks that women and girls are more than their hotness rating and shouldn’t be groped and talked about like a slab of meat. She lives in Houston and goes to school with Hispanics and Muslims and friends of every race and creed. Like many of us she was just assuming that the viciousness was only temporary and the adults would get it right.

She was left sobbing and shaking in her mother’s arms.

This was her first election experience. Others of us are wounded and crushed from fighting the anti-progress machine for 40 years. But this was her first. I threw up my hands and said, “I give up.”

Oh man! That nurse’s pointer finger came up and swung slowly right and left – directly at me! Her eyes were twinkling, but she had just grown 3 inches and I was paying attention! “Uuuuuuuuhh uuuuhhhhh!” She said. “You won’t give up because of MY daughter.”

Put yourself right there in that room with me and I swear to God you will never waver for one second from now on out. Every one of us deserved a safe, clean and healthy world in which to live and love. We didn’t really get it. That’s what we have to pass on.

Let’s go!

Hello folks, let’s take it down a notch… like WAAAAAY down.

We need to stop for a second and realize that a four year old has been elected President. He won by holding huge rallies where people shouted, “Lock ‘er up!” about his opponent… over emails. Over emails for God sake!

Trump supporters wore shirts and actually drove around in vehicles, in my town, with the slogan, “Trump the bitch.”

I responded to all this in a typical liberal way by trying to explain how that was sexist. By trying to show how it hurt my feelings. By trying to explain how misogyny works, and that all people deserve respect. By bringing up important issues like global warming. They responded back with fake news articles about Hillary Clinton making business deals with Arabs… clearly the work of an evil mad-woman.

I give up. I’m saying, “Poop!”

Face it. We can’t fight this level of viciousness and ignorance with logical arguments. And it’s eating us alive. Be honest… liberals just don’t have the stamina to carry this load of loathing. We keep running away and turning on beautiful music and trying to meditate. We try to take soothing walks, and share pictures of puppies. It doesn’t work.

So let’s go in. Let’s go all the way in. Laughter is the only medicine in times like these. Shout, “Poop!” It will make you feel better. Go back to your four-year-old self and take a stance. Let’s start a movement where everyone is tweeting “Trump is a Poop face!” Try it… open up your Twitter account and tweet that out. You’ll immediately feel better. You may even snort a little laugh.

Share it with your loved ones. Text poop back and forth a couple of times and watch the energy completely change.

If you need some inspiration for your poop mouthing read this article (it’s the one that got me going):

These are four year old times and they DEMAND a four-year-old response! It’ll cure your election angst.

Imagine if we all take our safety pins and add a little piece of toilet paper. Then when you meet people in the street you can say, “Poop!” that will be fun. There will be great snorting in the streets. Imagine if we have signs and billboards and they say, “Trump is a poop face.” We’ll be laughing our heads off. He’ll be the first president literally laughed out of office. Conservatives can hold up against any kind of argument because they just, really, don’t give a shit. So turn on the poop.

Donald Trump is the thinnest skinned person ever to be elected president. He anguishes over Twitter. Let’s sweep out a hurricane of poops. Let’s tweet poops, and text poops, and even write some songs about poops. Any time you are feeling anxious, just share the poop. Get laughter back in America again!

Letter to Editor

  • Economics is not a religion.

    Dear Editor, Economics is not a religion. In studying the current tax reform legislation being considered by our nation I realized that the Republican Party relies on “faith based” economics. It has nothing to do with facts, history, case studies or examples from other countries. It is simply the “belief” in free markets. That faith […]

  • We are no longer a Christian Nation.

    Dear Editor, We are no longer a Christian nation, and it’s our own fault. It’s not the Muslims; it’s not the blacks; it’s not the Jews or Catholics; it’s not the Hindus (who are all over the place too, you know.) Nope. It’s us. We’ve become so mean, so closed minded, so high-and-mighty, that we’ve […]

  • What if we believed in each other?

    Dear Editor, Gosh. I sure loved our country back when we believed in education, news and science. I remember when we put a man on the moon. How proud we were at every step forward. I remember how we felt about working together to achieve something great. Imagine how proud we would be as a […]

  • Follow the Money

    Dear Editor, In great crime movies, we get to watch the hero catch the crook by “following the money.” I think that, today, we can all be heroes by doing the same thing. For instance, historians have been showing us lately that the reason poor white people hate black people is because of a campaign […]

  • How to be safe

    Think of this. The way for us to be the safest country in the world is for us to embrace the full racial and cultural diversity of our citizens. Now is the best time for us to live up to the ideals of our Founding Fathers of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Imagine […]

  • How Loving Hillary Clinton Can Save the Word

    If you hate Hillary Clinton it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with you. If you hate Hillary Clinton it is because you have been duped. If you still hate her today – that means you are sticking ferociously to your ill-gotten belief. That means you have chosen to believe the […]

  • How progressives can create prosperity

    How progressives can create jobs for all. It’s not rocket science… if we want a world where everyone has value, then let’s simply guarantee jobs. Imagine how much can get done. Here is a great article that outlines how it would work, what it would cost, and how it would benefit society in the long […]

  • Smart Solar Flower

    Collecting solar energy artistically. https://www.smartflower.com

  • Imagine wind trees as landscaping everywhere

    Imagine wind trees as landscaping everywhere! https://www.facebook.com/arbre.a.vent/

  • Why Russian influence matters

    Dear Republicans, It matters that Russia interfered with our elections. This has nothing to do with which party won, it has to do with the fact the everybody lost. The reason it matters is because Russia’s purpose was to prove that democracy doesn’t work and they did it through the ONLY means that it can […]

  • Dear Angry White Men

    Dear angry white men, Every blessing you have enjoyed your whole life has come because of all the rest of us. Yes, you are angry and you are not seeing what we do for you, but it’s there all the same. Maybe you lost a job when our economy crashed, or maybe you didn’t manage […]

  • We’ve missed the whole point

    I saw another one of those hate posts about Michelle Obama slide across my Facebook feed today, and realize that we’ve missed the whole point. The post was a picture of Malania Trump and basically said “Finally a classy lady in the Whitehouse… Looking at the monkey made me want to puke.” More disturbing than the […]

  • Getting it straight…

    Okay. Our Constitution has failed us, and our communities have failed us, so it’s time to re-coop and re-organize our thinking. I’m sorting this out here to make sure I get it right. Most important is that we don’t like blacks and we don’t like Jews. I’m not quite sure why these two are lumped […]

  • Fatal Flaw

    Just realized that it is hopeless. For a year I have been waiting for the Republican party to stand up and do what is right, to stick up for their stated values, to stand firm with their own moral code. To at least stand for their Christian values of kindness and charity. Donald Trump is […]

  • Sitting in the chemo line

    Today I’m sitting in the chemo line. It’s amazing how different the faces are here than in the radiation line. In the radiation line people pretty much know the percentage of their cancer that is gone, and they are giving it one last shot. Everyone has little hair-doos growing back, and we very rarely throw up. […]