Making it better

Hello folks, let’s take it down a notch… like WAAAAAY down.

We need to stop for a second and realize that a four year old has been elected President. He won by holding huge rallies where people shouted, “Lock ‘er up!” about his opponent… over emails. Over emails for God sake!

Trump supporters wore shirts and actually drove around in vehicles, in my town, with the slogan, “Trump the bitch.”

I responded to all this in a typical liberal way by trying to explain how that was sexist. By trying to show how it hurt my feelings. By trying to explain how misogyny works, and that all people deserve respect. By bringing up important issues like global warming. They responded back with fake news articles about Hillary Clinton making business deals with Arabs… clearly the work of an evil mad-woman.

I give up. I’m saying, “Poop!”

Face it. We can’t fight this level of viciousness and ignorance with logical arguments. And it’s eating us alive. Be honest… liberals just don’t have the stamina to carry this load of loathing. We keep running away and turning on beautiful music and trying to meditate. We try to take soothing walks, and share pictures of puppies. It doesn’t work.

So let’s go in. Let’s go all the way in. Laughter is the only medicine in times like these. Shout, “Poop!” It will make you feel better. Go back to your four-year-old self and take a stance. Let’s start a movement where everyone is tweeting “Trump is a Poop face!” Try it… open up your Twitter account and tweet that out. You’ll immediately feel better. You may even snort a little laugh.

Share it with your loved ones. Text poop back and forth a couple of times and watch the energy completely change.

If you need some inspiration for your poop mouthing read this article (it’s the one that got me going):

These are four year old times and they DEMAND a four-year-old response! It’ll cure your election angst.

Imagine if we all take our safety pins and add a little piece of toilet paper. Then when you meet people in the street you can say, “Poop!” that will be fun. There will be great snorting in the streets. Imagine if we have signs and billboards and they say, “Trump is a poop face.” We’ll be laughing our heads off. He’ll be the first president literally laughed out of office. Conservatives can hold up against any kind of argument because they just, really, don’t give a shit. So turn on the poop.

Donald Trump is the thinnest skinned person ever to be elected president. He anguishes over Twitter. Let’s sweep out a hurricane of poops. Let’s tweet poops, and text poops, and even write some songs about poops. Any time you are feeling anxious, just share the poop. Get laughter back in America again!

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