Making it better

You lost! Get over it! Have you heard that one yet? Of course, this is in reference to the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election and liberals are going fuck-ass nuts. I’ve heard it a number of times. I’m in Texas.

The scary thing about this is that it is the nice Trump supporters who are saying this. It’s the ones who can actually hear the pain and agony that is going on around them, and they are having a gut reaction to it.

It’s like you are drowning a puppy, and as it’s wiggling and squirming you’re swearing, “Come on, hold still.” Just get it over fast.

(For liberals who don’t understand that analogy please know that drowning puppies is a regular practice in rural America. You didn’t get your dog spayed, and then it goes and has 12 puppies. More than likely you don’t drown all 12, but good farm practice dictates that you weed out at least 6 to 8 of them. Don’t freak out… it’s not the point of this article. It’s just a sick analogy that fits.)

So yes. This is the nice-hearted right-winger. They want us to stop wiggling. They are very sweet in everyday life and will feed you cookies until you pop. They can’t really understand what’s going on, and why we are wiggling around and crying the way we are. They literally don’t see that they are killing our children with their refusal to understand simple economic, political and environmental science. But they hear the pain, they really want us to be quiet and eat another cookie. So when you hear that, don’t get too upset. They really do care. They just don’t understand what it’s all about.

The rest don’t care at all. And some actually take glee in watching the liberal elite melt into a pool of anguish. That makes the win all that more exciting.

Of course there are a few on the right who are straight-out mean-hearted. But that’s a very small minority. Most are just fervent. It’s vital for well-thinking liberals to understand that fundamentalism is apocalyptic. They are working on ushering in the end of the world. That really nice neighbor of yours, with the big caring eyes? She drops off her plate of cookies, and then heads home and falls on her knees to pray for your soul because she knows that you will be heading to Hell here pretty darn quick. It’s her Christian duty to at least do her best for you.

Don’t think I’m making this up. (I’m not making up the puppy thing either.)

Fundamentalist Christianity has more in common with ISIS than the your nice Muslim neighbor who keeps his yard tidy and clean. ISIS is fundamental Islam and fundamental Christianity is fundamental Christianity.  Both belief systems are rigid and apocalyptic. If you look at actual statistics of mass shootings in the U.S. you’ll find that the majority of them are committed by Christian fundamentalists – that’s simply because we have a vast majority of Christians available to go nuts. No other reason. If you add them up with a more comprehensive math, you’ll find that mass shootings are mostly committed by fundamentalists (regardless of religion) with a smattering few that are straight-out nut jobs.

An apocalyptic world view is a very stressful thing to hold on to for a full lifetime. It’s kind of okay if things are going well. But if a person comes under stress it quickly becomes too much. Every news cast, every meeting of the Bible club, every conversation over coffee reveals more end-time signs. When you have an apocalyptic fundamentalist view you listen to the news and hear that unemployment is at an all time low of 4.9 percent it sounds like an end-time prophecy. New type of airplane invented? End time for sure… You may hear about bombings in Aleppo… definitely end-time signs. Anything that happens in Israel is end-time-sign times two. You might hear about that nice little girl down the street who went and got herself pregnant… a sure sign of the moral corruption of end times.

It’s stressful. You keep expecting it, and expecting it and nothing really happens. Especially since Democrats keep managing to get elected and even things out. So the only thing a decent person can do is help usher it in. For God’s sake! Quit wiggling!

When fundamentalism is not under stress it will be balanced out by the actual teachings of it’s home religion. This holds true for eastern and western religions as well. Christianity at its heart teaches kindness, neighborliness, forgiveness and love. We have marvelous basic tenets such as: Love your neighbor as yourself, turn the other cheek, blessed are the meek in spirit, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When I closely examine my deepest angst over the election of Donald Trump it’s not Trump that I most fear. Actually it really is Trump I fear… but it’s the fact that my neighbors and my country have completely let me down that keeps me wiggling and crying. My head is stuck on, “How could you do this to us? Do you have no sense of decency?” A cry to the Republican party. The people in my country have let me down on the basic tenets of decent morality that I thought we agreed on. I thought we agreed that outright bullying was bad. I thought we agreed that kindness and civility to minorities was a common value. I thought we agreed that sexual predators were not to be rewarded. I thought we agreed that civil discourse of issues was the way we did things and that it was safe and even healthy to argue about facts.

The moral high ground of the Christian right has completely let us down. Not only did they chew me up and spit me out, but they ran the bus over the few righteous politicians they had left, and then backed up the bus and thunked ’em again.

The Republican primary was completely blindsided by Trump. It was so vicious, so unexpected, and so anti-Christian that the massive stage of politicians just sputtered and fell. There were numerous times where the Republican party could have stepped in and done the right thing, could have called an end to the whip-lash, but chose to do nothing.

Liberals were not afraid enough. We got over that now – we’re terrified. We kept being told we were winning, and could not in our wildest dreams have believed what was coming down. Both sides were like zombies in a dream. Sleepwalking over the edge.

I think both sides relied on our common belief that goodness always wins. Liberals thought the universe would let us win this one. Republicans expected us to save them from themselves.

I think republicans are really quite as shocked as we are and don’t know how to wrap their heads around it. I think they secretly expected to lose, so they happily drove themselves to the polls and cast their safe vote for “Their Side”. They are quite anxious for the end times to come just to relieve the stress of waiting for it… and afraid of their own visions at the same time. It works out best for them when we periodically save them from their own madness. They blame us when they lose, get riled up a bit, and then go bake some cookies.

But we lost. It was a shock to everyone. Now, they really want us to stop wiggling and just drown. Get over it! You lost! Move on!

God help us all.

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